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Geowelry collaborated with YOAH for the launch of their gender-free ready-to-wear clothing line in October 2018.

YOAH new york is a creative collaboration and entrepreneurial endeavor shared between two siblings and best friends, Yseult (aged 30) and Noah (aged 16). Although from different generations- both founders believe in the transformative power of garments. This shared passion culminated in the inception of YOAH: gender-free ready-to-wear for the modern child.

Their design, a marriage between ancient regal African and Chinese prints, characterizes their energy; simple yet vibrant. Additionally, looking closely you can see that the pattern within the brand’s signature print is not made of solid colors but playful etchings, giving the impression that it has been colored in by a child.

In this collection for YOAH, Geowelry emphasized the playfulness of color, gender-free symbolism, and ease of wear. A triangle within a circle is the symbol of gender neutrality, an expression deliberately chosen for this collection. Invoking the playfulness of a coloring book, the brass disks were hand painted with enamel. Each piece is on 100% cotton stretch cord, finished with handmade brass findings to allow the wearer to simply stretch the piece on, and go. The collection harnesses the power of gender-free symbolism in a critical moment of time, while maintaining the playfulness of childhood.

The Geowelry x YOAH new york collection will be available on YOAH’s website.